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Rock Climbing

There’s an impressive variety of rock climbing in Southern Snowdonia which is all the better for the solitude granted it via its backwater reputation. We have roadside and valley cragging, long atmospheric mountain routes and reliable year round bouldering. To compliment the quality of the local climbing it’s not far to travel to reach the popular climbing venues of Northern Snowdonia and even the magical seacliffs of North Pembrokeshire are within striking distance.

Most of my rock climbing work seems to be in coaching technical skills, helping people who have already discovered climbing to become self sufficient. That said I always enjoy introducing people to climbing for the first time. I’m also equally comfortable just guiding, leading folk up routes that maybe they’ve had their eye on for while or just taking them into some pretty wild places.

Winter Climbing

Winter ClimbingNorth Wales has seen some remarkable winter climbing conditions over the last couple of years and correspondingly the local 'scene' has been more vibrant than ever. By keeping an eager eye on conditions I’ve been able to enjoy some pretty remarkable climbing with both friends and clients. Arguably the best experiences have been on my doorstep in Southern Snowdonia whilst the crowds have been queuing for routes in the North. I’ll not deny the North its reputation though, in leaner conditions Wales’ highest cwms are where the best conditions are to be found.

Sharing these fleeting opportunities, on snow, ice or mixed routes is something that I love to do. If you fancy a taste of Welsh Winter keep an eye on my blog and give a shout when things start to look good. As a general rule I don’t hold anyone to a Welsh winter climbing booking as the routes can disappear as fast as they arrive. Rest assured though, if there’s a climb in condition I reckon I can find it.

I’m also available for work in Scotland, either climbing or general mountaineering.

Hill Walking

Cader Idris is the big draw for hill walkers round these parts, historically one of the three chief mountains of Wales. The neighbouring Aran Fawddwy forms the highest point in Southern Snowdonia. Although it fails by the tiniest of margins to attain the magical 3000 ft status there’s nothing short about an excursion across the full length of the Aran Ridge. Of lesser elevation are the regions other mountain groups; Rhinogiau, Arennig, Dyfi and Tarren. Away from the summit ticking crowds these equally fine hills offer solitude and a great sense of being away from the beaten track.

Showing off these beautiful places is something I love to do either as short outings or overnight wild camping trips. Added to just showing the way I’m happy to pass on as much knowledge of mountain craft as you’d be willing to hear.

Mountain BikingMountain Biking

Corris sits in the centre of a bit of a mountain biking nirvana. The trail centres of Coed y Brenin and Nant y Arian are both within an easy drive and the Dyfi Forest’s 'Climach-x' trail follows the skyline above the village. It’s away from these purpose built trails that the area shows its best though. I can guide you round these places making sure that you get the best from the myriad of tracks and paths the weave across the Dyfi Forest, Tarren Hills and the northern end of the Cambrian Mountains.

For girl groups seeking a little confidence and reassurance Jo is also available for guiding, she arguably knows the trails of the Dyfi Forest better than anyone.


Huw Gilbert Mountaineering holds the relevant and full liability insurance for the activities listed. Clients may wish to take out their own personal accident insurance.


Simply e-mail or phone to discuss your requirements and arrange booking. Advance booking will give us a better chance of accommodating you, but we will always try to work off short notice.


For individuals and couples we generally work off a straight rate of £175 per day. For larger groups a competitive price which reflects your requirements can be negotiated. Specific courses are priced as listed.


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